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GH 101
Have you seen Jason and Steve on The Ghost Hunters or followed Ghost Adventures through a haunted location? Ghost hunting is not for the faint of heart, nor is it just for Halloween! Hawk will provide the basics on ghost hunting and will include personal stories, experiences and audio evidence captured on actual investigations.  Favorite haunts, in this class, will include The Mansfield Reformatory, The Myrtles Plantation, The Old Spaghetti Factory in British Columbia, an old historic farmhouse, Mrs. B's Bed & Breakfast, the hauntings of Mantorville, 
                                                                and more! 

Rochester, Minnesota Community Education
Wednesday October 16th, 2019
 6:00pm - 9:00pm
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So you want to be a ghost hunter? In GH101 we learned the basics of simple investigations and were entertained with stories, photos and actual EVP evidence.  In GH201 we delve deeper into the context of paranormal investigating including technique, research and analysis.  This presentation includes proper safety and protective measures as we look at the darker side of some haunted locations.  The primary investigative subjects for this class will be The Villisca Ax Murder House (Villisca, Iowa) and the Lemp Mansion (St. Louis, Missouri).  You will see actual video and hear real EVP's captured by the After Hours Paranormal Investigations team.  GH101 is a prerequisite.

Rochester, Minnesota  A BEAUTIFUL SOUL  2801 55th St. NW
Part 1  Monday October 21
Part 2  Wednesday October 23
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Description:  If you enjoy any of the wildly popular ghost hunting shows, you know that the best part is watching the investigation and then seeing the reveal of evidence.  How much more fun would it be to watch a local Minnesota team in action?  You will have the opportunity to view a contextual analysis and then observe After Hours Paranormal Investigations as they take on Mrs. B's Bed & Breakfast (Lanesboro, Mn), The Myrtles Plantation (St. Francisville, LA), Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Louisville, KY) and Prospect Place (Trinway, OH).  Actual video and audio evidence from each of these locations will be presented as well!

                                     Not scheduled at this time.


Travel with SE Minnesota's premier ghost hunting expert as she takes you to the Emerald Isle, via Power Point slide show, to share her evidence and adventures in Ireland's most haunted locations including:  Ballyseede Castle, Charleville Castle, Kinnitty Castle, Clonnony Castle, Ross Castle and Leap Castle (possibly the most haunted castle in the world), along with a few quaint B & B's.

                                       Not scheduled at this time.

Those who attend both GH101 and GH201 qualify for GH301, which is an actual investigation of a haunted location under the direction of Hawk and the AHPI team. *Currently, locations include The Mantorville Opera House, The Mantorville Log House, The Mantorville Restoration House and Mrs. B's Bed & Breakfast in Lanesboro.  GH301's typically occur twice a year, in the winter and summer months.  They include not only the investigation, but also a debunking session(s) to learn how to determine what is experience and what is evidence (or something else), and instruction on how to cut clips using Wavepad and Videopad (for those who bring their own equipment.

*April 2015 the AHPI team  led a special GH301 to the very haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri.  All 301 students needed to have a minimum of two AHPI GH301's under their belts in order to be considered for this special St.Louis Adventure.  The trip included a trip to the Arch and a visit to the cemetery where the Lemp family is interred. 

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