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Founder, CEO and Lead Investigator: 

Dr. Hawk M. Horvath is the owner and sole proprietor of Horvath Spiritual Consulting: Readings by Hawk. Her mission is to illuminate spiritual paths through inter-spiritual exploration and reflection. She is an inter-spiritual mentor, inspirational speaker, writer, paranormal investigator, psychic and medium, whose gifts include her ability to see and hear other dimensions as well as communicating with those who have died physical deaths. She has been seeking the paranormal since waking up, as a small child, to see an angel sitting on the headboard of her Aunt Alma’s bed. 

As the CEO, Founder and Lead Investigator of After Hours Paranormal Investigations, she uses her gifts, but is ultimately in search of EVIDENCE. Over the years she has investigated an array of reportedly haunted locations including, but not limited to: The Myrtles Plantation, The Mansfield Reformatory, The Ax Murder House in Villisca, Iowa, Lemp Mansion, Edinburgh Manor, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and Prospect Place. In October of 2010 and 2012 she traveled to Ireland where she had the privilege and opportunity to investigate Leap Castle (possibly the most haunted castle in the world), Ballyseed Castle, and Ross Castle, along with a few B & B’s. In addition she visited Clonnony Castle, Charleville Castle, Kilkenny Castle and Kinnitty Castle.

Hawk also loves to investigate some of the wonderful places in SE Minnesota including: The Mantorville Opera House. The Mantorville Restoration House, The Mantorville Log Home, Mrs. B’s Bed & Breakfast, The Gypsy Cemetery, Canvas and Chardonnay, The Rochester Civic Theatre, the Kasson State Theatre, the Stewartville City Hall, and numerous private homes.
Hawk’s unique mix of humor and story- telling is spell-binding to audiences of all ages. She teaches classes and workshops she has developed from her own experiences and evidence including: Ghost Hunting 101, Ghost Hunting 201, Ghost Hunting; Close Encounters, and Haunted Ireland. She also leads GH301 for students who have attended previous classes and wish for a guided paranormal investigation. You will also find her lending her paranormal expertise on the Rochester Haunted Trolley through the Rochester Trolley and Tour Company. 

Hawk holds a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, and a Doctorate in Ministry from Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She resides in Rochester, Minnesota where she is the owner of Horvath Spiritual Consulting, Readings by Hawk.
 In April 2019 she celebrated TWELVE YEARS as a paranormal investigator!

 Senior Investigator: Kari Cousineau

Kari has been interested in the paranormal for as long as she can remember.  Her early memories include hearing about a residual ghost in her parent’s former house, her grandfather appearing to her shortly after his death (when she was in the fifth grade) and friends sharing local ghost stories in middle school.  When Kari was at St Cloud State University, she was interested in hearing about the alleged campus haunts.  She also enjoyed exchanging books with her mom about various haunted locations.  Kari has visited many haunted locations, locally as well as out of state, including Seattle's Underground City.  Kari met Hawk on the Rochester Haunted Trolley Tour in Mantorville, October 2014, where she learned that Hawk offered Ghost Hunting classes through Rochester Community Ed.  Almost a year later, she had completed Haunted Ireland as well as GH 101 & 201.  Kari was very excited to get the invitation to attend a GH301 class at the Mantorville Opera House in January 2016! In March she was invited to participate with the AHPI team in an investigation of the Kasson State Theatre.  She has learned a lot from Hawk and Cindy during the classes and investigations, which has made her even more interested in the paranormal. Following the Kasson State Theatre investigation, Kari was offered the opportunity to join AHPI as an investigator in training. On June 9, 2016 she added Edinburgh Manor (Scotch Grove, IA) to her list of investigations.  Since that time she has investigated the Villisca Ax Murder House and Mrs. B's Bed & Breakfast.  In January 2017 she was offered a full-fledged position on the team with the title of Investigator. She looks forward to more adventures in ghost hunting!

Investigator:  Cindy Tangen
Growing up Cindy loved to hear about the mysterious happenings in or around her relative's homes.  After attending GH101, GH201, GH301, Haunted Ireland and Close Encounters, her interest in the paranormal was rekindled.  Cindy has a growing interest in historical and genealogical research, hoping this can be a benefit to the After Hours Paranormal Investigation team.  Having graduated with an applied science degree, and working in a legal environment, she has learned that everything is debatable.  Her goal is to debunk and disprove as much as possible, bringing forward only the evidence of what is truly unexplainable.  Cindy has investigated the Mantorville Opera House, the Mantorville Log Home, the Mantorville Restoration House, the Lemp Mansion, Edinburgh Manor, The Kasson State Theatre, the Villisca Ax Murder House, Mrs. B's Bed & Breakfast and some remote and abandoned cemeteries in SE Mn. 

    Investigator in Training: Wendy Jones

Wendy has held a deep interest in the paranormal from an early age. As a young child, she would talk to her mother about seeing “lights” in her bedroom at night and would sometimes see shadow figures. Wendy’s interest in the paranormal was renewed in 2008 when her mother was battling a terminal illness and she encountered her father multiple times; he had passed away suddenly the year prior.
 In 2016, Wendy met Hawk on the Rochester Haunted Trolley Tour. During the tour, the trolley riders were treated to a mini-investigation at the Plummer House and Wendy was hooked! She signed up for GH101 the very next day.
 She completed GH101 and GH201 in late 2016 and completed her first GH301 at the Mantorville Opera House in early 2017. Shortly thereafter she had the opportunity to do a second GH301 at Mrs. B’s Bed and Breakfast in Lanesboro, and following the debunking session, was offered a spot as a Rookie with the After Hours team.Wendy completed a second investigation at the Mantorville Opera House in February 2019. Following that investigation, she was offered the opportunity to join AHPI as an Investigator in Training.  She accepted with gusto!  Because Wendy believes she has learned so much from Hawk and the AHPI team, she is excited for the adventure, continued learning and most of all evidence that is to come!   

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