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Welcome to After Hours Paranormal Investigations.

The Who:  Who are we?

As a subsidiary of Horvath Spiritual Consulting, we are a small well-trained paranormal team of experienced individuals with various professional backgrounds who are dedicated to helping people who have or may be experiencing paranormal phenomena.

The What: What does After Hours Paranormal Investigations do?

Once a client contacts us we will conduct an initial interview. This will allow us to obtain basic background information (What things are you experiencing? How often? Who has experienced the phenomena? When does it occur? Where does it occur most often, etc). Through researching the history of the dwelling /area and obtaining a thorough interview we can establish a baseline reading and eliminate natural occurring elements that may be causing the activity.

Our next step will be the investigation. Our team will arrive at your place of residence or business. Here our team will collect as much data as possible through the use of our equipment. Ideally, overnight investigations are preferable, however we understand that this may not be possible in home residences. In this situation we would ask that you allow us to investigate for at least a few hours in your home. Please note that the client and any (noise producing) pets will need to vacate the premises during the investigation to prevent noise contamination.

After the investigation we will review the data. Our next step will be a debunking session with all data brought forward to the entire team. We will eliminate anything that can be explained by natural circumstances.

The client will then be contacted to set a date for a final reveal of any evidence captured during the investigation. At that time we will review any evidence caught and strive to address any questions or concerns the client may have.

*We will be happy to provide our clients with a CD or DVD disk (free of charge) with any pertinent findings captured via audio, video or photographs. This is given upon request when the investigation has been terminated and all parties are satisfied.

*Please note all evidence belongs to After Hours Paranormal Investigations and may not be shared via any media, including but not limited to: facebook, twitter, UTube, email, etc. without written permission from the Lead Investigator.

The Where: Where are we located?

Our team is based in Southern Minnesota. We investigate all types of hauntings and ghost sightings, at any location, from hotels, houses, museums, night clubs, theaters, in fact anywhere that has had activity or sightings. The After Hours team is open to investigate any location near or far, free of charge to you, although honorariums are accepted. to help defray our costs. Please note that all investigations are kept confidential unless where written permission is obtained. To protect confidentiality, the names and locations of private residences will never be disclosed without written consent by the owner..

The Will: What will an investigation do for me?

The paranormal is an often taboo subject. Many people do not understand or do not want to understand what is unknown to them. After Hours Investigations will provide our clients the opportunity to be heard. Many clients have found a sense of calm and or acceptance after investigations. Whether evidence is found or not found the client does not feel alone “in the matter” as we are just a phone call away.

The Why: Why do we do it?

One of the main goals that the After Hours Investigation team strives for is to provide resources and support to those who have experienced unexplainable events in their residence or business. We love what we do! By gathering fact based evidence we hope to further bridge the gap between the “normal” and the paranormal!

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